What is a Hybrid Car?

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Bartow shoppers interested in a fuel-efficient vehicle should explore hybrid-powered vehicles like the variety of hybrid vehicles available at one of our Kelley Automotive Group locations. But what is a hybrid car? The hybrid car meaning is that it’s a vehicle that comes equipped with an electric motor with a gasoline engine. Both work together to ensure the best fuel economy possible. Learn more, then explore our new vehicle inventory to find the model that’s right for you. When you’re ready, apply for financing to see if you qualify within minutes. 

What Are the Types of Hybrid Cars?

The hybrid car meaning is that the vehicle’s powertrain has an electric motor and gasoline engine. Both work in conjunction to increase fuel efficiency on the roads. Before purchasing or leasing a hybrid vehicle for your Winter Haven adventures, it’s good to learn about the different types of hybrid vehicles available. Explore the different hybrid powertrains below:

Parallel Hybrid

This is the most common hybrid vehicle currently on the market. This hybrid means that the electric motor and gasoline engine are connected to the same automatic, manual, or CVT transmission. They work to blend their power sources to propel their vehicle forward. 

Series Hybrid

These vehicles also have electric motors that are paired with a gas engine. The difference is that electric motors are directly paired with the transmission and the main power source of the vehicle. The gasoline engine acts as a generator for the electric motors and only provides power to the gasoline engine.

Plug-In Hybrid

A plug-in hybrid is like the parallel hybrid in that both the gas engine and electric motor that’s connected to the transmission. What makes the plug-in special is that they offer an increased battery pack and provide the ability to drive a lot farther on electric motors alone. If you do short distances regularly, you can purely drive on the electric power, come home to the Winter Haven area, and plug the hybrid vehicle in to recharge the battery packs.

With plug-ins, if you run out of the electric driving range, the gas engine will kick in and act as if you’re driving a regular parallel hybrid car.

Test Drive a Hybrid Vehicle Near Auburndale Today!

Now that you know the hybrid car definition and how they work, it’s time to get behind the driver’s seat for a test drive. We’ll hit the Lakeland roads so you can see which model is best suited for your everyday needs and commute. Be sure to explore our vehicle specials, then contact us to schedule your appointment.

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