10 Automotive Maintenance Tips Every Driver Should Know

Auto Mechanic Checking Oil


Keeping up with your routine automotive maintenance schedule helps ensure that your vehicle lasts for years to come and that it’s safe for the Bartow roads. While most service is done at our service center near you, some things can be done at home if you know what to look for. Below are the top 10 automotive maintenance tips to help you know what to check for at home. If there’s a bigger maintenance check needed, refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see the recommended automotive maintenance schedule, then contact our service center to make an appointment.

What You Need To Know

  1. Know the Manual: Your vehicle’s owner’s manual helps you check everything properly to keep your vehicle running smoothly for much longer.
  2. Inspect the Vehicle: The owner’s manual helps you identify and notice things like signs of leaks, flat tires, and more that can be fixed before becoming a more serious problem.
  3. Check Your Tires: Invest in a tire pressure gauge that makes monitoring the tire pressure a lot easier. Test your tires to make sure that they are at the recommended levels and inspect the tread for any signs of wear using a penny. When you place the penny with Lincoln’s head facing down, if you can see all of the head, the tires should be replaced.
  4. Check the Engine Oil Level: This oil helps reduce friction, overheating, and excessive wear in the engine. Your car’s owner’s manual helps you locate the dipstick so you can check the oil levels. Keep in mind the color of the color. A darker color means new oil is needed. 
  5. Check the Engine Coolant: Utilize your owner’s manual to see where the coolant reservoir is located to make sure the coolant levels are where they need to be.
  6. Inspect the Engine Air Filter: Check the engine air filter regularly to ensure there’s no debris clogging the filter. If it’s clogged or dirty, have it replaced as soon as possible.
  7. Use the Right Fuel: Each car includes a recommended octane rating. Pay attention to this rating as you’re filling up at the pump. Using a lower-level octane fuel often causes a ‘knocking’ sound.
  8. Inspect Light Bulbs: Regularly check each bulb and replace the ones that aren’t properly working.
  9. Inspect the Windshield Wipers: There’s nothing worse than trying to drive in bad weather when the wipers aren’t working properly. Learn how to check if your wipers are working properly and how to replace them.
  10. Keep Track of Maintenance: Whether you should write down your last automotive maintenance scheduled appointment or your last replacement bulb, it’s good to keep track of when these tasks were completed to better manage your maintenance checks.

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It’s essential to keep up with your routine maintenance, and the service experts at Kelley Automotive Group are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact your nearest Kelley Automotive Group service center if you have any questions or need assistance with your maintenance checks. Be sure to check out our service specials before you schedule your next service appointment.

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