Out-of-State Buyers

How to Buy a Car in Another State

Are you interested in purchasing a new vehicle from Kelley Automotive Group, but you’re living out of state? That’s okay – we’re proud to make the out-of-state car buying experience hassle-free for all of our customers.

Kelley Automotive Group is an auto group with multiple dealerships that specialize in helping car shoppers, no matter the budget or must-haves, find the vehicle that will enhance their daily commute. So, whether you’re living in Lakeland, FL or Hammond, IN, we’ll help get you behind the wheel of your next car, truck, or SUV. Learn how to buy a car in another state from the experts at Kelley Automotive Group.


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Registering The Vehicle Purchased in Another State

When you drive home in a new or used vehicle purchased at Kelley Automotive Group in Lakeland, you are probably asking yourself how to register that car in the state you’re living in. Adding your license plate to a vehicle taken over state lines only requires a few documents and a trip to the local DMV.

  1. Ask for a bill of sale showing the purchase price you paid listed clearly.
  2. Find your local DMV on a website like DMV Near Me.
  3. When you visit your local DMV, be sure to have these items:
    • Bill of sale
    • Completed application for vehicle transaction form
    • Title of the vehicle signed by the previous owner
    • Lienholders’ names and address
    • Filled out odometer disclosure state for title transfer
    • Tax Form RUT-50 Private Party Vehicle Tax Transaction
    • Registration Fees
    • Proof of insurance
    • Proof of residency

Let the DMV clerk know that the vehicle was purchased out of state with the intent of titling and registering it at your address.

  1. The clerk will most likely return your bill of sale, but they will keep your title and have you pay the difference in sales tax between the two states.
  2. The new title should arrive by mail.

What are the Taxes and Fees for Out-of-State Cars?

The local sales tax is the difference between FL and the state you’re living in, plus any applicable processing fees at your DMV. The cost is probably around the same as if you were registering the car from Orlando.

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